Hi, I'm Felix. I lead Product Design teams in London and Remote

⚠️ Disclaimer: Not a product design ninja, UX guru or usability evangelist! Just a dude doing design based on data, real life testing, user empathy and rational thinking 😉

Since a lot of people have been furloughed, I have build a website with jobs and resources in the design space: remotedesignjobsboards.com

In the past 10 years, I worked all sort of projects, big and small from startups to large scale companies that needed to improve, tweak or create new features and solve problems that improve key 🔑 metrics.

I've led design sprints, client workshops, ran usability testing sessions, worked in multiple environments and have a good degree of adaptability.

Worked with clients like Warner Brothers, Google, Facebook, H&M, The Economist, BASF, EY, Microsoft, COOP as well as some interesting startups like Beamery, Peerpoint, Leakbot and Ordo Pay.

Before, I worked on the agency side with EY Seren, Huge & AKQA

Okkayy... Done with the geeky buzzwords! When I’m not designing I train, run, cook, , read nutrition & behaviour psychology books, look at dark sky pictures, chat about the wikihouse project and tiny houses.

Product Design⚡️

- Leading design sprints and managing distributed teams
- Prioritising feature on the roadmap
- Designing & Maintaining component libraries, simplify content hierarchies, site maps and navigation
- Scalable UI component systems
- Architecture maps giving and overview of certain feature
- Creating or maintaining design systems, internal wiki's, documentation, etc
- Can write basic code 💻 in HTML, CSS, JS, React components, Swift and understand backend dev environments. Always happy to keep my ears open and learn new stuff!

Prototyping & User Testing ✊

- Set up user testing, preparing Q&A, testing environment, recording camera.
- Guerrilla testing, preparing questions about specific areas of a site or application
- High or low fidelity prototypesInterfaces and digital experiences for web, mobile, tablet, TV and watches.

User Experience ⛰

- Creating Documentation and interpret it into visuals
- Establishing user flows and heat maps over the product values
- Customer Experience maps, discovering potential user gaps
- Creating user journeys for MVP
- Low fidelity view over the product for early validation
- Ethnographic research via multiple customer groups
- Client Workshops
- Discover the requirements by doing interviews/Q&A sessions with specific users
- Doodling sessions and Crazy 8's sessions to brainstorm visual patterns
- Read and layer decisions over Google Analytics, Mixpanels, Newrelic analytics data

Visual UI & Interactive Design ✨

- Design systems, component libraries
- High fidelity prototypes, fully skinned UI, UI Transitions for iOS and Android apps
- Webdesign in Webflow (like this website for example)
- Animations in After Effects using Lottie's json files
- Animation guidelines
- Video editing

Love to work on projects,
hate to do case studies!

However, let's get in touch and I can chat with you guys and explain my process from inception to shipping.
Meanwhile here is aselected bunch of apps I've worked on in the
Mobile Apps section


I work with a series of prototyping tools like Framer, Principle, Flinto, etc in order to achieve the interaction I want to test. These are great to prove ideas, show concepts beamed directly to anyone’s phone. For many years I found this can ease up the conversation and create an extra bridge between stakeholders, developers and users.

Design systems, component libraries & responsive bits and bobs 🔩

- Scalable design components
- Responsive modular systems
- content ready components

Modular approach to design 📐

- Scalable design components
- Responsive modular systems
- content ready components

Advanced Prototyping, shared with anyone in realtime🕹

- Remote user testing
- iOS & Android
- Realtime changes