Hi, I'm Felix 👋
I design and help build software products
for the 21st century! 📱💻⌚️🚘

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit lots of people quite hard, I have build a website with junior, mid and senior jobs and resources in the design space and much more: felixhornoiu.com/pages/remote-job-boards

In the past 11 years built and led design operations and teams from large scale corporations to fast paced startups.

I help products meet their goal, improve usability, creating and improving new features, research, run user testing sessions, delivering multi platform experiences from mobile apps to highly transactional products.

Critical thinker who loves complex challenges and translating technology, user needs and business requirements into end-to-end solutions.

Knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JS, React components, backend technologies. Always happy to learn more!

Helped to deliver projects in all sorts of environments from native (iOS, Android) to React, Angular, HTML5, various JS libraries. Understanding advantages and limitations in order to make the right decisions.

Worked with clients like Warner Brothers, Google, Facebook, H&M, The Economist, BASF, EY, Microsoft, Coop as well as some interesting startups like Perfect Play, Beamery, Peerpoint, Leakbot and Ordo Pay.

When I’m not designing I train, cycle around London with my MTB bike 🚴, cook, read nutrition & behaviour psychology books, take photos of the sky, chat about architecture and tiny houses!

Along design,

I like to listen and read a lot of stuff like The Explorers Podcast, Hardcore History, seminars from guys like Robert Sapolky, Daniel Dennett, Alain De Botton and watching John Rogers channel rambling and wondering around London

Product Design⚡️

- Leading design sprints and managing distributed teams
- Prioritising feature on the roadmap
- Designing & Maintaining component libraries, simplify content hierarchies, site maps and navigation
- Scalable UI component systems
- Architecture maps, giving an overview of a certain feature
- Creating or maintaining design systems, internal wiki's, documentation, etc
- Storybook, React components libraries
- Can write code 💻 in HTML, CSS, JS, Swift and understand backend dev environments.

User Experience ⛰

- Creating Documentation and interpret it into visuals
- Establishing user flows and heat maps over the product values
- Customer Experience maps, discovering potential user gaps
- Creating user journeys for MVP
- Low fidelity view over the product for early validation
- Ethnographic research via multiple customer groups
- Client Workshops
- Discover the requirements by doing interviews/Q&A sessions with specific users
- Doodling sessions and Crazy 8's sessions to brainstorm visual patterns
- Read and layer decisions over Google Analytics, Mixpanels, Newrelic analytics data

Visual UI & Interactive Design ✨

- Design systems, component libraries
- High fidelity prototypes, fully skinned UI, UI Transitions for iOS and Android apps
- Webdesign in Webflow (like this website for example)
- Animations in After Effects using Lottie's json files
- Animation guidelines
- Video editing

Prototyping & User Testing ✊

- Set up user testing, preparing Q&A, testing environment, recording camera.
- Guerrilla testing, preparing questions about specific areas of a site or application
- High or low fidelity prototypesInterfaces and digital experiences for web, mobile, tablet, TV and watches.

I ️⚡️ Figma

I would recommend and help teams to adopt figma as a go to place for anything from collab doodling, userflows, wireframing, UI design, user testing and developer handoff.


I work with a series of prototyping tools like Protopie, Framer, Principle, Flinto, etc in order to achieve the interaction I want to test. These are great to prove ideas, show concepts beamed directly to anyone’s phone all over the world.
For many years I found this can ease up the conversation and create an extra bridge between stakeholders, developers and users.

Psssst... I ❤️ Lottie!

Design systems, component libraries & responsive bits and bobs 🔩

- Scalable design components
- Responsive modular systems
- content ready components

Modular approach to design 📐

- Scalable design components
- Responsive modular systems
- content ready components