Used Often

and recommend from all my ❀️ to anyone



Lookback & Maze

User Testing, remote user testing and mobile user testing. More about how I use them on my blog.


Zoom, Gotomeetings & Microsoft Teams

Software to chat with you teammates from all around the world, they come in different sizes.


Airtable & Typeform

Questionnaires and Q&A's. More about these soon!



Jira, Asana & Trello

Ubiquitous stack to manage project, create tasks and follow up progress.


Atom, Sublime & VS

I personally love atom and how it integrates with Github well and I often use it for personal stuff.

Sublime was a cool free option for years, light and quick to handle around.




Lots of good stuff about Figma, it's free, it has a great community behind it and it's web based, so you can collaborate with everyone around like fellow designers, managers, copywriters, etc.

I was a big advocate of Figma throughout the years and helped teams set up the environment, migrate their design systems and document wikis about it.

Will post more good stuff about my thought about Figma soon in a couple of following articles.



Notion is a breath of fresh air over years of working in Evernote. It's web based, modular it can host video, gifs and even manage projects by creating spreadsheet like components and kanban boards.

I use it to document my own projects, to keep track on features, todo lists and back logs. It's pretty much a sandbox where you can build whatever you fancy!



Loom is a tool useful when you need to share talk through video recordings of your features. This is really handy when you have colleagues that are in a different timezone and you need to walk through features and user flows.

It's all could based, self hosted and since the outbreak of Covid-19 they made it free to use with a fair amount of free hosted videos.



Google Suite

Docs, Sheets, Slides and Hangouts. Google suite is an out-of-the-box swiss army knife that a lot of my teams I've worked with used.



Alternative to Google, most used to stream and sync files around your teams drives.

IΒ still think their web file management system is crap and counterintuitive, sorry dropbox!



Formerly known as Realtimeboard. It's one of those products that look simple but have a powerful features. Many use it as a retro board or to do simple mindmaps or user flows, but let me tell you this β€” It can embed Figma, youtube (any other video), you can view and edit google docs from it, can process PDF's... what else?


Framer, Principle & Flinto

I grouped them together because they work in the same way because they seem like a visual GUI over xcode composer.
I used to work with Flinto a lot until they started to end the development of it and add little improvement over time. Then when Principle added their video timeline control feature I immediately switched, still little upgrades for these apps over time and this is a great shame. I guess both developers are conscious about web tools are imminent and new tools will replace them sooner or later.

‍Update: Recently discovered Drama app and Proto Pie. Seems like improved prototyping tools for 2020.



Had lots of mixed feelings about webflow, this whole website is built with it. I'll get back with more good reasons on using it!


After Effects

I stopped using it for a few years until the Lottie plugin from was developed. I post frequently on twitter about lottie animations, json, svg's and stuff on twitter.